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 Aran guide (:

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IGN : IslesAndIce
Job : Aran
Level : 15x
Number of posts : 106
Registration date : 2010-02-10
Mood : Always happy c:

PostSubject: Aran guide (:   Wed Feb 10, 2010 7:29 am

Scott's Ultimate Aran Guide, Page 1!

So, due to the amount of time and energy I put into the Aran class so far, both before and after release, I have decided to make a guide to the class, simply due to the fact the class gives you A LOT to talk about. This guide will outline things that I, and other maplers have learned about the class, as well as tips to help you. Refer to the table of contents below, and use the codes in brackets in a search (by hitting ctrl f) to skip to that section.
Table O' contents
1st page=
1) About the Aran class (ABAR)
2) Equiptment/stat building (EQMT)
3) Aran's 1st-3rd job skills (ARSK)
4) 1st-3rd job skill builds (SKBI)
2nd page=
4b) Aran's 4th job skills+build (Frth)
5) Techniques (TEQU)
6) Training Locations (TRLO)
7) Skill Quests/Job advancements (SKQU)
8 )Book locations (BOLO)
9)Protips (1337)
10) Updates (UPDT)

About the Aran class (ABAR)
I would describe the Aran class as kind of the stereotypical "berserker" class of other games. They have low hp, are only strong so long as they keep killing, and do emense damage, they are just fragile as ****.
-Tons of damage reducing and healing skills
-Burn less pots than most/all classes in the game because of drain.
-One of the strongest non-ranged class in the game.
-Tons of buffs that benefit both your damage and how little/how much you get hit.
-Some of the farthest reaching melee moves in the game.
-Great bossing ability (ranked right under NL's and sairs, but with SE, they are on par if not better)
-Very combo oriented, losing combo can put you behind (the diff between the two gets HUGE as you get higher leveled)
-Difficult to play, perhaps takes the most skill of every class thus far (though i see this as a pro)
-Pay more money for their mounts
-You have to do quests for most of your skills
-Can be repedative
-Arguably requires nx, as pet loots/auto pot are HIGHLY reccommended
-Extremely low hp for a warrior class (this is a biggie in later levels)
-Lack skills to assist with their low hp. No (good) stuns, freeze, range, etc like other low health classes have. (also a biggy later)
Summary: They are pro if you know how to use them right. They take a lot of practise and experience to be good with, kinda like a shad or a bucc, but even moreso.

Aran's are a Pole arm using class, that run on a combo system. Every time you hit a monster or deal damage in any way whatsoever, you get a hit towards your combo, which is displayed on your screen. A variety of passive skills run off this combo, from attack boosters for every 10 hits, to critical hit rates increasing. Also, particular skills require a certain combo count, then reset your count. These skills typically involve a great deal of damage or a nice buff, but then reset your combo, losing the benefits mentioned before. Failing to hit a monster for anything more than a second or two will lose your combo as well, this makes the player have to plan ahead and use some skill! (see the techniques section!)
Equiptment/stat building (EQMT)
Stat building
The first question you should ask yourself when making an Aran is where to cap your dex.
There are 3 primary ways to do your stats:
Dexless, LowDex, and Regular dex.
Dexless is like the name implies, no dex is used. Alot of time people think dexless is 100% the way to go, because of the extra strength you'll get, and its easy for warriors because none of the Polearms thus far require dex to hold, but without dex, you have no accuracy, and without any accuracy, you can't kill things, and if you cant kill things, you fail. If you can get your hands on enough dex equiptment to still hit what you need to hit, and when you want to hit it, by all means go dexless, but for most people, thats pricey. It just takes a bit of research and foresight.(see the accuracy calculator at the beginning of this section)
Lowdex is basically putting your dex as low as possible, while still maintaining some accuracy. Most lowdex people have their dex between 10 and 30. This, like dexless, takes some research to decide where is best to cap your dex, and in all honesty, you wont really notice a difference between lowdex and a pure dexless, and many times you'll spend less. I'dd reccommend this build. See the equiptment section to see how.
Normal dex is for people who don't really wanna spend any money, or are lazy to figure out where their dex should be. Your damage won't be on par with the other stat builds, but the nice thing about arans is low damage isnt always bad. Low damage with a fast weapon makes for faster combos, so you can sue your finishing moves more often, arguably putting your damage on par. Another point about this stat build, is the money dexless and lowdex people have to spend on dex gear, you can put in str gear, making your str still be as high as theirs while nto having to fuss around with needing equipts to hit. Just know str gears is almost always more expensive than dex gear.
Strless. Lol, i swear to god im going to try this some day. Strless is going with no str whatsoever on your aran, and useing PA's that use no str, such as the roses, snowboards, and surfboards. The idea is that these weapons are faster, and between that and your lower damage, you'll use finishing moves more often. The additional dex also makes for high avoid and accuracy, which can allow you to train at stronger monsters, sooner. The biggest thing about this build is the novelty, really.
In this section, i will describe how to use your equiptment to asist in your chosen stat build.
As far as helmets go, the two most noticable are the Zakum helmet at 50, and the scarlion helmet at 80. Untill 50, try using a bamboo hat. Either blue for str, or green for dex will work, depending on if you believe you need the extra dex, or the extra attack. Getting a zhelm is fairly easy 9especially since we are a zrunning guild) and surprisingly cheap for how good they are. They also add 15 str and 15 dex if you get an average one, as well as 30 accuracy. This makes for a huge accuracy boost total, and the str is always a nice bonus. You can upgrade to a scarlion helmet at 80 if you want. Truth be told they arent THAT much better than a zak helm, but still, not bad.
Overalls are nice because thay have 10 slots. Seeing as most people gof or a lowdex build, and 100% overall dex scrolls can be bought from the scroll seller in kerning swamp, thats an easy 10 dex robe right there. Get a bathrobe from showa, or a sauna robe and 100% scroll it for an easy 10 dex, or if you can get your hands on a better dex robe, go for it! Also, it's worth pointing out that at level 35 you can get an overall with 3 dex on it clean at the perion armor store. Using the same logic, you can make that into a free 13 dex. These robes can last you untill whenever you want to upgrade, which is often times done around 70 or 80, mroe or less for the defense boost.
Gloves are the easiest thing to get w.atk on other than weapons, so go for an attack glove. You coudl get an accuracy glove, btu in all honesty, you'dd be better just increasing your dex if you needed that. The dex points you'dd be saving by instead using an acc glove wont do near as much as the attack boost from an att glove would do
At level 50 you can get a deputy star, thats about it. This gives +5 to all stats, which adds to your dex/str count. We arans cant CWKPQ, so we can't get that sexy pendant at the moment ):
Shoes don't matter too too much, and you can almost sue the same kind of shoe all game if need be. Buy gomushins from kerning city or whtiebottom boots in lith harbour, and either scroll them for speed or for dex/acc. I personally scrolled one of both types, and i just use the speed shoes untill i find i need some accuracy, then put on my accuracy boots. Quick tip: dont use snowshoes as an Aran. The grabbyness of the snowsheos reduces your combat step distance. If this wasnt intended nexon may fix it, but at this point in time, thats how it goes.
Charlie- "a pair of lvl 50 emarald hildon boots is a great shoe for dexless if you use an advanced garnet on em, which are pretty cheap, and doesnt have the snowshoe effect. 3 dex and 5 acc clean"
Treat the cape the same way you treated the hats before a zhelm. Get a str one if you need damage and are doing fine for accuracy, or get a dex one if you need the boost. Any cape will work, but if you can get your hands on a Pink adventurer cape or even better, a taru spirit cape, you can get some bonus attack in there!
It's possible to make dex earrings, but the scrolls are pricey. Probably the last method you want to take, but still worth noting.

*also note you can get sniper pills in the ludi pot shot if need be, or theif elixers in NLC! They are always good to have on you for if and when you see that dreaded word: "miss" in training.

Aran's skills (ARSK)

Open to spoilers to view skill information. Note the descriptions would still be the poorly translated KMS->GMS descriptions, so i briefly described it myself, better in the description fields. Use those as a reference for if you dont understand how a skill works.
First job:
Combo Ability- The cornerstone of the Aran class

Double Swing- The starting skill that evolves to so much more
Combat Step- a helpful spring in your step

Polearm Booster- Booster in 1st job? And its better than normal!
Second job:
Polearm Mastery - Stabilizes damage, and adds accuracy

Triple Swing - Adds a third powerful swing to your double swing

Final Charge- A slightly harder to execute rush. Use it to make mobs!

Combo Drain - When used correctly, you'll never use an hp pot again!

Combo Smash - a straight up godly skill to reward your 30 hit combo

Body Pressure - Power guard with the added effect to stop touch damage!
Third job:
Full Swing- Increases the strength of your triple swing.

Combo Critical - Adds critical damage to your attacks.

Final Toss -fun, fancy, and effective

Combo Penril (aka fenrir aka panic)

Snow Charge - elemental attacks!

Smart Knockback -makes it easier to knock back monsters!

Rolling Spin - Make room between you and your enemies

Skill Builds (SKBI)
1st Job
In this guide, I will only outline the skill builds i would reccommend. If theres any sort of FEASABLE alternative i'll include it, but as for crazy obscure builds, I'm not going to include them. If you had a different build, feel free to post it and i'll edit it in here, with all credit given.
Lv.10: +1 Double Swing(1)
Lv.11: +3 Double Swing(4)
Lv.12: +2 Double Swing (6) +1 Combat Step (1)
Lv.13: +3 Double Swing (9)
Lv.14: +2 Double Swing (11) +1 Combo Ability(1)
Lv.15: +3 Double Swing (14)
Lv.16: +2 Double Swing (16) +1 Combat Step (2)
Lv.17: +3 Combat Step (5)
Lv.18-21: Save Points[12]
Lv.22: +15 Booster (15)
Lv.23: +3 Double Swing (19)
Lv.24: +1 Double Swing (20)[MAX] +2 Combo Ability (3)
Lv.25: +3 Combo Ability (6)
Lv.26: +3 Combo Ability (9)
Lv.27: +1 Combo Ability (10)[MAX] +2 Combat Step (7)
Lv.28: +3 Combat Step (10)
Lv.29: +3 Combat Step (13)
Lv.30:Combat Step[+2][MAX] Booster[+1]
2nd Job
Lv.30: +1 Triple Swing (+1)
Lv.31: +2 Triple Swing (3) +1 Pole Arm Mastery (1)
Lv.32: +3 Pole Arm Mastery (4)
Lv.33: +3 Pole Arm Mastery (7)
Lv.34: +3 Pole Arm Mastery (10)
Lv.35: +3 Pole Arm Mastery (13)
Lv.36: +3 Pole Arm Mastery (16)
Lv.37: +3 Pole Arm Mastery (19)
Lv.38: +3 Triple Swing (6)
Lv.39: +1 Triple Swing (7) Save Points[2]
Lv.40-44: Save Points[17]
Lv.45: +20 Combo Smash (20)[MAX]
Lv.46: +3 Combo Drain (3)
Lv.47: +3 Combo Drain (6)
Lv.48: +3 Combo Drain (9)
Lv.49: +3 Combo Drain (12)
Lv.50: +3 Combo Drain (15) * When i consider drain effective*
Lv.51: +3 Combo Drain (18)
Lv.52: +2 Combo Drain (20) [MAX] +1 Triple swing (Cool
Lv.53: +3 Triple Swing (11)
Lv.54: +3 Triple Swing (14)
Lv.55: +3 Triple Swing (17)
Lv.56: +3 Triple Swing [MAX]
Lv.57: +1 Final Charge(1), +2 Body Pressure (2)
Lv.58: +3 Body Pressure (5)
Lv.59: +3 Body Pressure (Cool
Lv.60: +3 Body pressure (11)
Lv.61: +3 Body Pressure (14)
Lv.62: +3 Body Pressure (17)
Lv.63: +3 Body pressure (20) [MAX]
Lv.64: +3 Final Charge (4)
Lv.65: +3 Final Charge (7)
Lv.66: +3 Final Charge (10)
Lv.67: +3 Final Charge (13)
Lv.68: +3 Final Charge (16)
Lv.69: +3 Final Charge (19)
Lv.70: +2 Final Charge (21) +1 Mastery (20) [MAX]
3rd Job
Lv.70: +1 Full Swing(1)
Lv.71: +1 Final Toss(1) +1 Combo Peril (1) +1 Combo Critical(1)
Lv.72: +3 Full Swing/Combo critical (4)
Lv.73: +3 Full Swing/Combo critical (7)
Lv.74: +3 Full Swing/Combo critical (10)
Lv.75: +3 Full Swing/Combo critical (13)
Lv.76: +3 Full Swing/Combo critical (16)
Lv.77: +3 Full Swing/Combo critical (19)
Lv.78: +1 Full Swing/Combo critical (20)[MAX] +2 Combo Critical/Full swing (3)
Lv.79: +3 Combo Critical/Full swing (6)
Lv.80: +3 Combo Critical/Full swing (9)
Lv.81: +3 Combo Critical/Full swing (12)
Lv.82: +3 Combo Critical/Full swing (15)
Lv.83: +3 Combo Critical/Full swing (18)
Lv.84: +2 Combo Critical/Full swing (20)[MAX] +1 Snow charge(1)
Lv.85: +3 Snow charge (4)
Lv.86: +3 Snow charge(7)
Lv.87: +3 Snow charge (10)
Lv.88: +3 Snow charge(13)
Lv.89: +3 Snow charge(16)
Lv.90: +3 Snow charge(19)
Lv.91: +1 Snow charge (20)[MAX] +2 Smart Knockback(2)
Lv.92: +3 Smart Knockback (5)
Lv.93: +3 Smart Knockback(Cool
Lv.94: +3 Smart Knockback(11)
Lv.95: +3 Smart Knockback(14)
Lv.96: +3 Smart Knockback(17)
Lv.97: +3 Smart Knockback(20)[MAX]
Lv.98: +3 Final Charge (24)
Lv.99: +3 Final Charge (27)
Lv.100: +3 Final Charge (30)[MAX]
Lv.101: +3 Combo Peril (4)
Lv.102: +3 Combo Peril (7)
Lv.103: +3 Combo Peril (10)
Lv.104: +3 Combo Peril (13)
Lv.105: +3 Combo Peril (16)
Lv.106: +3 Combo Peril (19)
Lv.107: +3 Combo Peril (22)
Lv.108: +3 Combo Peril (25)
Lv.109: +3 Combo Peril (28)
Lv.110: +2 Combo Peril (30)MAX +1 Final Toss (2) *Could also begin rollign spin here, see the debate below*
Lv.111: +3 Final Toss (5)
Lv.112: +3 Final Toss (Cool
Lv.113: +3 Final Toss (11)
Lv.114: +3 Final Toss (14)
Lv.115: +3 Final Toss (17)
Lv.116: +3 Final Toss (20)
Lv.117: +3 Final Toss (23)
Lv.118: +3 Final Toss (26)
Lv.119: +3 Final Toss (29)
Lv.120: +1 Final Toss (30)[MAX] +2 Rolling Spin (2) or +2 Booster (18)

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IGN : IslesAndIce
Job : Aran
Level : 15x
Number of posts : 106
Registration date : 2010-02-10
Mood : Always happy c:

PostSubject: Aran guide page 2 :D   Wed Feb 10, 2010 7:33 am

Scott's Ultimate Aran Guide, Page 2!

*if a mod could lock this asap that'dd be cool, no need to reply to this, just an extention of my guide as i went over the character limit in the first page.
Table O' contents
Just a reminder, you can use cntrl+f and then type in the part in brackets form the table below to quick-navigate to that section.

1st page
1) About the Aran class (ABAR)
2) Equiptment/stat building (EQMT)
3) Aran's 1st-3rd job skills (ARSK)
4) 1st-3rd job skill builds (SKBI)

2nd page=
4b) Aran's 4th job skills+build (Frth)
5) Techniques (TEQU)
6) Training Locations (TRLO)
7) Skill Quests/Job advancements (SKQU)
8 ) Book locations (BOLO)
9)Protips (1337)
10) Updates (UPDT)

Aran's 4th job skills+build (Frth)
Maple Warrior

High Mastery

Over Swing

High Defense

Final Blow

Combo Tempest

Combo Barrier

Freeze Standing

Hero's Will

Bahaha, you all were expecting a 4th job skill build! Such a thing does not exist!
You see, the problem is too manyt hings govern how you skill build in 4th. Seeing as not many people make it late, you cant really put skills off till later. You need to decide for youself what skills to get. Will you be doing a training build? Bossing build? What mastery books do you have? Do you have the money to buy the expensive books? All these things make it tough to have a set-in-stone 4th job build, so rather im just going to take every skill and break it down, so you can make an educated decision for yourself.
Final Blow:
High Mastery:
Combo Tempest:
Combo Barrier:
Freeze Standing:
Maple Warrior:
High Defence:
Heroís Will:

Techniques (TEQU)
In this section, im going to talk about a few techniques i've figured out to sring combos together, as well as effective ways to use your skills. If anyone else has interesting tips, post and i'll include with credit! I gave 'em corny names to help you remember xD
Basic attacks
Ok, so not the most advanced technique, but no less effective. Situation: youre at mp3, bottom platform, and your drain is running low. Theres only like 1 or 2 monsters and you'll kill them fast, so you're going to lose your combo.
Lay down and poke them or just use the 1st swing of your triple/double/full/overswing do this till a better spawn appears for you to slay.
This requires a certain amount of knowledge about the map, and some forsight as to where a monster will be, and how much hp it has. Bridging is simply connecting between two mobs to keep your combo going. An example of this could be jump hitting a platform above on your way across, or jumping down before you use that final killer swing on a mob so that you just hit their feet on your way through the platform. This way when you kill them, you're already on your way down to the next mob with your combo still fresh (effective from going from top plat of mp3 down to the bottom!)
Mob building
This is the simplist use of rush, where you take a group of spaced out targets and rush them into one clump, so your mobbing attacks are hitting the full 12, or close to it, rather than 1-3 at a time.

Side stepping

This, like many techniques, takes some foresight. Say you're in a position where you have a mob of monsters clumped together on the left of a platform, the next mob is on another platform far to the right. You know you'dd lose your combo if you finished the mob where it was and then ran right. Simply get on the left side of the mob and continuously rush them over towards where you're headed!
If you are on the edge of a platfom and there are monsters beside you, but they arent on the same platform, your rush will still push them back the same distance but you wont move in on them. Use this to get into an attacking position safely to finish them off. A good example of this would be stormbreakers at wr's. If you jump in, your gonna get kbed off and fall, if you use pushback, you can get in on their platform and take them out.
Combo Smash
This is a good technique when you have high leveled smash, and drain often helps in this. Shanking is when you are at a map you would normally have a hard time killing monsters at, but you can use smash's sexy damage to help! I did this to accomplish some pretty cool stuff, such as training at wr's at level 54. All you have to do is be attacking a monster that doesnt hit too hard with drain on, so you dont lose hp. Even if you dont do alot of damage to the mob, its ok, you want the mob to take awhile. When you finally finish the mob, combat step/drop down/jump to a high spawn and let a smash rip. This way you dont waste it on the mob youre weakening and instead kill a fresh mob in a split second. When done at high exp mobs, this can level you quite quickly.
Body Pressure
Body checking
This refers to combat stepping into monsters when you have pressure on. The power guard effect counts towards a combo streak, so this can be used to tie combos together. It sometimes is alot faster to just step into a monster than turn around and hit it when you desperately need to keep a combo going. Moreso, on maps like wr's and so forth with alot of ledges you can fly off of, this can make you keep a combo going across the entire map. Just learn where step will launch you to, and when you clear a platform and its a long ways to another mob, cstep off the ledge into where you know a spawn is, and you typically will hit at least 1 monster, thus keeping your combo alive. This is much easier than jumping over and swingin your PA around, seeing as you dont even need to rely on your reaction time
This refers to gettin all up in the monsters mug where you can hit them. This involves the combination of pressure, stance, and sometimes rush/combat step to avoid taking damage for monsters with AVOIDABLE magic attacks, being magic attacks that dont just hti you regardless of were you are, this tip is absolutely vital and awesome. For example, a skele lazor beam. Its a magic attack that inhibits you from attacking without getting hit, right? WRONG. Use body pressure and stand on the goddam skele mob! The lzor range doesnt hit you if your so on top of the mob that your actually like, in front of the skeles mouth. your completely invinicble there thanks to body pressure, and skeles cant do jack crap. Use rush to stack them, then combat step into that sweet spot. The nice part is if one walks by you, OS htis behing you a bit on the 2nd swing, thus passively KBing them back into that sweet spot.
Combat step
Did you know when you're inputting a combo you can use combat step as part of the chain?
Say you have a 30 hit combo going, and you have toss.
You can actually let out the elaborate combo: att, att, att, (triple swing) up, att (toss) down, left, att (smash) left+left (combat step) all at once, and the moment the combo ends, your character will step in the direction you combat stepped. Try tacking on a quick double tap to your combos to increase movement efficiency!
Final Toss
This refers to tossing a mob, then bombarding them with full swings/overswings to keep them airborne, mixing in more tosses when nessissary. This puts the monsters where they cant hurt you, plus dealing bonus damage. Monsters seem to stay more airborne when you are close. Like, not so close they are on top of you, but close enough that had they been on the groud, they'dd be doing touch damage (body pressure makes this not happen.) Try inputting a quickstep (last tecnique mentioned) after your intial toss to close into that sweet spot.
Training locations (TRLO)
First off, i'dd like to say take the level requirements with a grain of salt. Basically its your accuracy that inhibits when you can go to most maps, not level, or even damage output. Try things for yourself (:
Also, im going to put my personal ratings on these places. a star (*) indicates a good training spot, one i would reccommend. ($) is a training spot you can make decent money at, and (P) is a map you wont burn many pots on (typically thanks to drain).
Level 10-20
-Cynical Orange Mushrooms
-Rainforest East of Henesys(Pig and Orange Mushies)
-Pig Beach *
-Caution Falling Down *
-*PQ*Henesys PQ
-Orbis Exchange Quest
-Aran quest chain * (gotta do em anyways, you wont even need to train really, they are awesome)
Level 20-30
-Cynical Orange Mushrooms
-Ant Tunnel 1
-Ant Tunnel 2 Mini dungeon[Zombie Mushrooms/Horned Mushrooms] *
-Hunting Ground In the Deep Forest 1[Curse/Evil Eyes]
-Sahel 1 & 2[Scorpios/Sand Rats] *
-*PQ*Ariant PQ
-*PQ*Kerning Party Quest
-Aran quest chain *

Level 30-40
-*PQ*Monster Carnival PQ * $ P
-*PQ*Ludibrium PQ
-Scorpions at Sahel 1
-Iron Mutaes *
-Fire Boars
-roids at C-1

Level 40-50

-*PQ*Monster Carnival PQ $ P
-*PQ*Ludibrium PQ
-Truckers *
-STDs *
-Roids at C-1* $ P

Level 50-60

-Mysterious Path 3[Selkie Jr. & Slimy] * $ P
-*PQ*Ludibrium Maze PQ $ P
-*PQ*Monster Carnival PQ 2
-Forest Of Golem[Mixed Golem & Dark Golem]
-Roids and Neo Huroids @ C-2
-Sleepy Dungeon 5
Level 60-80
-Lower Ascent[Windraiders & Stormbreakers] * $
-Mysterious Path 3[Selkie Jr. & Slimy] $ P
-Forest Of Dead Trees[Coolie Zombies]
-Fantasy Theme Park 2[Yabber Doo & Booper Scarlion]
-*PQ*Orbis PQ
-*PQ*Magatia PQ
Level 80-120
-Area of ANY Kentaurus
-Fantasy Theme Park 3[Vikerola]
-Spirit Vikings
-Entrance to the Spooky World[Gallopera] * $ P
-Dual Ghost Pirates
-Windraiders @ Lower Ascent $ P
-Himes *
-Memory Lane 1,2,3,4
-Road of Regrets 1,2,3,4
Level 120+
-Himes *
-Road of Regrets 3,4
-Road to Oblivion 1 2 3 4 *
-Skelegons& Skelesaurusí
-Crimson Guardians
Skill Quests/Job advancements (SKQU)
*copy-pasted from basil :3
First Job Quests

*Skill* Combo Ability
Prerequisite Quests to Pole-Arm Booster
Quests: Level 13-18
Level 18-22
*Skill* Pole-Arm Booster*
Prerequisite to Job Advance Quests
Quests: Level 23-29
Second job advance:
Second Job Quests
Second Job Skill Quests
Quests: Level 31 POLEARM MASTERY:
Prerequisite to level 70 Skill Quests (Level 63 and 68)
Quests: Level 63
Level 68
Third job advance
Third Job Quest
Full Swing (The only one...)
Quest: Yea, go to Ereve, talk to Neinheart, and he'll give you Full Swing! K you're done.
Fourth job advance
Go to rein, fight maha, advance! It's that easy, and maha is a pushover.
Book Locations (BOLO)
Final Blow
10: Zakum3
20: Pianus, Bone Fish
30: Horntail, Chief Qualm Guardian

Combo Tempest
10: Zakum3
20: Qualm Guardian, Lilynouch
30: Horntail, Oblivion Guardian

20: Blue Dragon Turtle, Papulatus
30: Red Wyvern, Dodo

Combo Barrier
10: Zakum3
20: Qualm Monk Trainee, Lyka
30: Horntail, Chief Oblivion Guardian

High Defense
10: Zakum3
20: Chief Memory Guardian, Dodo
30: Green Cornian, Lyka

High Mastery
20: Dark Wyvern, Griffy
30: Papulatus, Memory Monk

Freeze Standing
20: Manon, Skelosaurus
30: Memory Monk Trainee, Lilynouch
Pro Tips (1337)
-Snowshoes inhibit the distance of your combat steps
-"Slow" speed PA's have been proven to be best for juggling with final toss
-Combos don't really need to be timed too much. If, say, you wanted to triple swing then combat step, you can smash attack 3 times then -> -> pretty fast (but not so fast that its like, stupid) and then just sit back and watch the combo go.
-Macro-ing buffs Isn't really reccommended, unless you are training on a map such as skelegons where you have to lose your combo to climb back up anyways. Typically a macro with 3 skills on it will be too long to keep a combo going, unless you use it IN the mob and body pressure strings it together.
-Pets are an aran's best friend. While not NEEDED, loots and auto pot are INCREDIBLY handy
-Making your cstep an actual keystroke rather than a double tap of the arrow key is nice so you can ensure it works. Just note when doing it this way you cant string it into the combo, you'dd have to wait for whatever moves you sued to finish their casting animations then hit the key.
-Furthermore, at the moment if you MACRO the cstep key and use that, you can jump at the end of your combat step, then land and combat step again. This is a good way to get around!
(feel free to contribute your own!)

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PostSubject: Re: Aran guide (:   Wed Feb 10, 2010 8:01 am

Just a quick copy paste from my guild's forum. Input always appreciated :D
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PostSubject: Re: Aran guide (:   Wed Feb 10, 2010 12:40 pm

Wow Scott.
Nice write up.

Thanks for the input here.

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PostSubject: Re: Aran guide (:   Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:39 pm

Scooter can you steal the multisourced CWK guide off Mutiny, since I posted that. Quote it to get all the coding
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Nice guide even tho im never going to use it xD
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PostSubject: Re: Aran guide (:   Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:47 pm

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Looks pretty dam in depth, GJ Scott.
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PostSubject: Re: Aran guide (:   Mon Mar 22, 2010 7:22 pm

I thought I had already stolen this frmo you and posted in the guide section

I guess I forgot, silly me :<
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Aran guide (:
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